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Real Girls Using Stealth Attraction!

The video presentation on this page will show you how I went from not getting any pussy to fucking 5 girls a week.

And the best part of it is...these girls are fucking HOT! Not only will I share my story with you but I’ll share the exact secrets I learned that will get you LAID.

You’ll be pleased to know that this is not a gimmick...the techniques I share with you are REAL - they are based on the most cutting-edge female psychology - and they’ll get girls into your bed, starting tonight.

You’re going to want to watch the entire presentation to see exactly how I went from not fucking ANYTHING to suddenly being able to bang 9’s and 10’s, how thousands of other guys are now doing the same, and how you can too.

Don’t forget! Watch the entire presentation, because the end will surprise you!

2,673 Responses to Stealth Attraction

Michael Adams (Age 28) says:

I tried this and it works :)) Its awesome cause it gave me an instant girlfriend :D But don't make it obvious though, play with her a little.

5 Sep 201712:17pm

Al H (Age 51) says:

this stuff keeps working better and better every time i go out now. just do it people and good luck!

5 Sep 201712:14pm

Kevin Greck (Age 31) says:

first time i saw stealth was 2 days ago. last night me and my friend go out and i follow all this instructions step by step to the smallest detail and was very confident, guess what happened, i met a girl and in 2-3 hours i ended up in between her legs, i swear it never happened to me like that so easy and so quick….this stuck works for those who know how to use it…thumbs up.

5 Sep 201712:03pm

Dual Shocker (Age 56) says:

i went to a bar by myself and used the nonverbal technique in stealth and it worked…just talked to a girl and i kept looking into her eyes…i got physical (touching and stuff) and turned her sexual switch to ON…i kissed her multiple times on the lips, touched her ass and got her number afterwards…sofa so good.

i still can't believe it worked…that shit BLEW my mind..

5 Sep 201711:54pm

PV Purp (Age 22) says:

this guy is a fucking god!!!!

5 Sep 201711:49pm

Aaron S (Age 54) says:

i got stealth and put it around. just walked around the house and left it on. The techniques are now hard wired into my approach and IT REALLY WORKS. sometimes when i'm not even trying. This is truly powerful stuff.

5 Sep 201711:41pm

Sledger (Age 23) says:

This guy is the master. BOW DOWN!

5 Sep 201712:29pm

Seth (Age 62) says:

I'm 62 and already used some of these tactics and picked up girls. Some tactics you will have to get rid off but only if you are my age. thanks.

5 Sep 201712:32pm

Ricky S (Age 18) says:

There is one hot girl in my class that never liked me or we never talked cause i was shy, and you know i started like that leg rubbing technique from stealth and she held my hand and then put it on her pussy. believe me this works!.

5 Sep 201712:36pm

EZ (Age 54) says:

Since this is "stealth" i can pretty much use it anywhere. At a party, getting lunch, whatever. I basically just use it for getting a girlfriend i had a crush on. Which eventually leads to the good stuff.

5 Sep 201712:39pm

Quitch (Age 26) says:

I try those tricks from program on two different girls and i kiss both of them (not the same day) it works!.

4 Sep 201709:21pm

The Closer (Age 41) says:

I wonder if Girls Watch this stuff…but The Man Is a Genius!

4 Sep 201709:16pm

Steve L (Age 23) says:

Results so far: 5 phone numbers, 3 make outs and sex with 1 girl. does this work? I think so.

4 Sep 201709:23pm

Daniel Clive (Age 32) says:

thank you! i've now got a girlfriend half my age - my ex wife is going to be REAL happy with me lol.

4 Sep 201709:27pm

Sam (Age 18) says:

Looks pretty good i will have to check this out. Thanks for the information!

4 Sep 201709:33pm

Mitchell Matthews (Age 45) says:

i have not been through the whole program yet but have already kissed a girl. can't wait to finish this!

4 Sep 201709:41pm

Alex Lundi (Age 53) says:

I was in the elevator this morning and used the "mind projection" trick on her. When we were getting out she started talking to me and one thing led to the next. Just fucked her! You are legendary

4 Sep 201709:48pm

Brian Morgan (Age 44) says:

My life has done a complete 180. I'm finally truly happy. Anyway just wanted to say thanks.

4 Sep 201709:53pm

Duke (Age 21) says:

this shit is the bomb without a question. absolutely mind blowing. no tacky lines just just shit that works. love you bro - this has helped so much!

4 Sep 201710:12pm

David (Age 37) says:

You probably won't believe this but whatever…i now have women BUYING ME stuff in order to make me like them more. the last girl offered to buy me a car! out of this world man.

4 Sep 201710:24pm

Chris Wilks (Age 59) says:

this has changed more than just my life with women - its changed the whole way i look at life.

4 Sep 201708:53pm

Roots (Age 26) says:

I followed stealth to the t and women swallowed it hook, line and sinker. This built my confidence majorly. A little technique here a little adjustment there and BAM attraction!

4 Sep 201709:18pm

Vishen (Age 52) says:

I've got a girl leaving my place right now. Methinks this works. Now to use this on my best friend jamie!

4 Sep 201709:35pm

Oliver Max (Age 27) says:

Such a fantastic program. Just 1 week in and i'm up to my neck in first class pussy :-)

4 Sep 201709:57pm

Silvio (Age 48) says:

Used to think dating was a "numbers game" - how wrong i was.

4 Sep 201711:34pm

Stealth Kid (Age 19) says:

Module 1 was pretty good….but module 2? Absolutely KILLER. This is the best material in terms of meeting women i've ever come across. I sincerely thank you in advance for what this is going to do for me. You deserve all the credit you're going to get for this.

4 Sep 201712:16pm

Pierre N (Age 42) says:

Already having great success with this. Thanks man! (i'm at 5 lays and counting).

4 Sep 201712:49pm

Peter Yolk (Age 55) says:

My friends knew something was up and asked me how i was hooking up. I shared the site and they are doing even better than me now. we're all so inspired and motivated. It's so incredible that change can happen this fast. Keep it up.

4 Sep 201713:26pm

Tim Slevin (Age 29) says:

Just 3 days in and results are starting to happen. Here's an example; women are approaching me now in public and i'm able to get their numbers. I'm 5 for 5 and it's funny because i tell me friends about it but they just don't believe me. Not only that but i'm also starting to meet really cool people because they see me with these women's and respect me. Thanks Richard. This is proof that small things can make BIG changes.

4 Sep 201713:39pm

Richard Bledger (Age 49) says:

Was just at the airport and had a layover between flights. After getting my food at the food court i noticed a really hot girl - may 23 and she had beautiful brunette hair. I decided to sit at the table closest to her and before i even said anything she started talking to me. I didn't really know what to say so i just stuck to the script in stealth and wouldn't you know it…she kissed me before she had to go. Enough said. Anyone who doesn't have this…needs to get this.

4 Sep 201714:09pm

Malcolm (Age 22) says:

Before getting access i was pretty skeptical. But now i know i made the right choice. I've got a date tonight with the most beautiful girl (in my opinion) that i've ever laid eyes on and it wouldn't have happened if i didn't know how to use stealth attraction.

3 Sep 201711:23pm

Tiny Man (Age 37) says:

i've only used the techniques once but i got laid :-)

3 Sep 201712:18pm

Freddie K (Age 58) says:

Be careful people. Remember to turn OFF your stealth skills around your friends mothers! Ask me how i know lol.

3 Sep 201713:14pm

George (Age 50) says:

Fucked my ex last night……#win

3 Sep 201713:57pm

Lucas Brown (Age 19) says:

La Ruina for president.

3 Sep 201714:06pm

Leo (Age 45) says:

Very similar to what i've seen my friend who is a master do. Girls don't know what's happening till its too late.

3 Sep 201714:34pm

Finely (Age 48) says:

I'm 48 years old, divorced, and my son lives at home with me. I can't tell you how thankful I am for this. You can't put a price on not being a loser any more around your son. He sees me fucking hot women now and tells me he wants to be just like me. Plus he tells his mom everything i do ,which feels so good. Thanks for everything and best of luck with this all.

3 Sep 201715:18pm

Jay (Age 22) says:

mind fucked that BITCH!

3 Sep 201715:52pm

Greg (Age 34) says:

When she starts licking her lips does that mean it is working? I used stealth kino tip from the program but got freaked out so i stopped.

3 Sep 201716:02pm

Billy Lendle (Age 53) says:

Perfect girlfriend? Check. Girl on the side? Check. Stealth Attraction? priceless.

3 Sep 201717:36pm

Alessandro (Age 30) says:

I've used it twice. They were into me both times so I'm really going to let loose next weekend when i have more time.

2 Sep 201706:27pm

Alan Mex (Age 21) says:

Good to see it's working for the other guys here too. Stealth brothers unite.

2 Sep 201708:19pm

Francis Pledge (Age 58) says:

No shit girls don't want us to see this stuff. FUCK them.

2 Sep 201709:13pm

Honey Magnet (Age 21) says:

Worked the very first time. I'm a believer. Do you still do seminars??

2 Sep 201710:23pm

A Barnes (Age 27) says:

this video inspired me to take action and change my life. I've just gone through the program and can't WAIT to leave my house!

2 Sep 201711:39pm

Jaresh T (Age 43) says:

One night stand….now THAT was fun! Thanks richard!

2 Sep 201712:03pm

Clive (Age 39) says:

Blowjob at the Laundromat around 11 AM. Who said girls weren't horny like us lol

2 Sep 201713:51pm

Carl Tundle (Age 56) says:

Can't believe that it actually worked.

2 Sep 201714:11pm

Damian (Age 23) says:

You are living proof that where you been does not equal where you are going. this is so motivational.

2 Sep 201715:27pm

Kelvin F (Age 18) says:

I've never enjoyed a night club before but that changed last night. Armed with stealth i did 3 make outs with girls.

2 Sep 201716:07pm